Structural Analysis
Vibrational Analysis
Fatigue Analysis
Thermal Analysis
Muti-body Dynamics
Muti-Physics Simualtions


Structural Analysis

In recent years, the effect of loads on various structures and components are to be determined to operate in safe conditions. We have a wide expertise in both linear & non-linear structural analysis, Static & Dynamic analysis, Buckling analysis, High velocity & impact analysis, damage, failure and wear analysis in Aerospace, Automobile, offshore and civil engineering platforms. In Linear analysis, usage of simple parameters and simulation is performed assuming that material is not plastically deformable. In Non-linear analysis, Load has to be split into small increments with iterations performed to ensure that equilibrium is satisfied at every load increment. Product simulation is used to conclude whether the component is safe or failed by comparing maximum stress with yield stress or ultimate strength.



Vibration Analysis

Over two decades, advancement in technology has led to consider the effects of time-dependent loads, inertial and damping effects in product simulation. We have wide expertise in the following types of vibration analysis such as Structural Vibrations, Large Modelling and Assembly, Internal and External Acoustics, Modal analysis and frequency response. Vibration analysis helps in determining the important dynamic effects in product simulation. Testing a material against the various random vibrations, shocks and impacts which may act on the natural vibration frequency of the material which, in turn, may cause resonance and subsequent failure. Assessing the effects of design changes on dynamic characteristics and degree of correlation between modal test data and analytic results.

Fatigue Analysis

Fatigue analysis helps designers to predict the life of a material or structure by showing the effects of cyclic loading on the specimen. The failure of the product occurs due to the level of stress present is below the considered safe load. Predicting the nature of fatigue needs to be clearly understood for most of the designs requirements. Wide range of fatigue analysis performed are including stress-life, strain-life, multi-axial, weld analysis, virtual shaker table, etc.,. Providing a complete fracture mechanics for wide industrial applications using finite element model.



Thermal Analysis

Heat Transfer analysis models the conductivity or thermal fluid dynamics of the material or structure. Virtual testing of heat transfer with FEA can help in cutting off the prototype timing and testing timing. The solutions provide an excellent insight to the behavior of product at various thermal loads. Development of the technologies helps in handling the complex problems with large number of equations, non-linearity and complicated models which are difficult to calculate using analytic methods.

Muti-Physics Simualtions

  • ₪  Thermal Structural Modeling
  • ₪  Fluid structure Modeling
  • ₪  Acoustic Structural Modeling
  • ₪  Stress analysis lay-up configuration
  • ₪  Failure analysis
  • ₪  Composite ply lay-up design
  • ₪  Internal and External Acoustics