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2D/3D Modeling

We are able to provide you with 2D/3D modeling services for your visualization or engineering analysis, in order to make your development process more proficient. Our team of drafters will create 3D geometry of objects for your project through the expert use of efficient software, like SolidWorks. Whether it’s for media, print or Internet promotion, we’ll give you accurate and highly marketable 3D Computer-aided Design (CAD) modeling that will satisfy your company’s wishes. We can create 3D models for mechanical machine components, architectural presentations, and other mediums to project your residential, commercial or industrial building projects. Our skills will allow us to create highly realistic and detailed views of your structures from multiple angles of 3D solid modeling.



Legacy Data Conversion

Simnxt Solutions has expertise in Legacy Data Conversion, and Engineering Changes. Conversion of Hand sketches/Blueprints/CAD drawings or models from one CAD software to another. We have professionals using Creo Parametric, SolidWorks, Unigraphics, and AutoCAD. Managing CAD database using Windchill PDMLink, Intralink, Team Center. Experts in Solid, Sheetmetal, Surfacing, and create manufacturing drawings incorporating GD&T. Professional in usage of API, ISO, and ASME standards. Providing design support to various domains like Oil & Gas, Heavy machinery, Automotive, Aerospace, etc.

Configuring File Setup

Each client has unique standards of defined best practices. Considering the domain standards and client specifications Simnxt Solutions would provide Configuration files setup using Creo Parametric to standardise the client’s CAD database. Creating client standard Map keys (similar to Macros) in Creo reduces number of clicks in selecting the options, and optimizes the quality of the model created by the End User; Mapkeys reduces the modeling time as well by ~60%. Creating client specific User Defined Features (UDF) library would reduce ~50% of the modeling time and maintains consistency in the models. Standard features could be stored and called from the UDF library in the CAD database. Any future modifications implemented in the CAD database library would automatically update the models.



Product Design Automation

Classic way of 3D modeling and manufacturing drawings is time consuming with respect to the following parameters similar design of a product with vary in sizes Manual QC process for the manufacturing drawings. Consistency to be maintained in the product models and drawings, as modeling approach varies with different users. Expertise in creating interactive questions as defined inputs which would be passed on to the automated model, upon successful iteration, the desired output model and drawing would be generated for the instance. Program coding would be designed to meet customer standards. Prepares a user manual for the UI with the attribute types to be entered. Some of the benefits are Approximately 85% of effort is reduced to generate each new configuration with model and drawing, restricted to enter incorrect values on the web page, eliminated QC process time, as the models and drawings are auto-generated and only initial cost for creating Master models/ drawings and Program coding.

Technical Documentation

Simnxt Solutions has expertise in describing Assembling, handling, functionality and architecture of a technical product or a product under development or use. Checking and updating any inter-dependency/ reference of one document to another. Highly formal, easy navigating and detailed document.