Who We Are?

          Simnxt is providing the solution to all mechanical solution application like Aerospace, Automobile, Electronics, HVAC, Process industries, Oil & Gas and Turbo machinery. In recent years, the product design and analysis plays a vital role in product optimization in any of the industries. As a trusted consultancy, we help our customers in improving the design, save time, reducing the cost and increase productivity associated with optimized product design with available technologies. We have extensive expertise in handling varied complexity models across the industries. With the top technical experts in the industry, we provide comprehensive services to our clients to avail the full potential of the design technology and leading them to the innovation.

          Simnxt is mainly focused on computer aided modelling, finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics and multi-physics simulations for end to end computer applied engineering solutions. we also offer services in product development, customized software development, product support, basic and customized levels of trainings, project consultancy and software testing to engineering and manufacturing industries.


What We Do?

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Why to choose Us?

  • >> One stop solution from concept to analysis
  • >> Innovative solution in shorter cycles
  • >> Experienced consultants in the field
  • >> Providing innovative and best-in-class solutions
  • >> Skilled to handle simple to complex problems
  • >> strong dedication to customer satisfaction


"Providing best-in-class engineering solutions with strong dedication, best quality & on time."



"Would like to become a global service provider for Computer Aided Engineering Solutions through our mission."



"Synergy, Integrity & Motivation"